Saturday, September 30, 2006

Karla Sachse - DDR

Contribution from Karla Sachse, former Eastern-Germany (Berlin). In those days the wall was still deviding Berlin into two parts.

G. Albassi - France

Contribution by G. Albassi from Versailles in France. He added these people to the wall who were discussing something.....

Des McLean - USA

Contribution by Des McLean. Art from the Future, Glassboro State College, USA. Like mre artists Des cut out the windows and they can be opened.... The house of suits

Henning Mittendorf - Germany

Contribution from Henning Mittendorf (Germany). He used one of his larger stamps and than finished the work with markers and silver ink.

Joachim Stange - DDR

Another contribution from Joachim Stange, former Eastern-Germany.

Louise Neaderland - USA

Contribution by Louise Neaderland - I.S.C.A.. She sent the contribution with her thank-you note to confirm the arrival of the "Snip-Xerox" project. My first mail-art project She also mentionens that she will publish something about the project in the April 1984 issue of the I.S.C.A.Quarterly. ISCA stands for International Society for Copier Artists. N.Y.C. - USA

Private World - USA

Contribution from Private World, San Francisco, USA. Unfortunately he is no longer with us. He died some years ago.

Joachim Stange - DDR

Contribution from Mail-Art Foto Archive, Joachim Stange, Dresden, former Eastern Germany.

Joseph Semah, Netherlands

Contribution from Joseph Semah, Amsterdam, Netherlands. He used some scents on the paper.

Pascal Lenoir - France

In the magazine "Mani Art", issued by Pascal Lenoir (issue 4 - 1984) on one page the wall appeared too. Pascal included one of my poems and rubberstamps from back then.

Loup Beau - France

In the magazine called "Loup Beau", issue 3, there was a page where the wall appeared. The editor sent me the original magazine as a contribution for the project.

Yacho - Poland

Yacho from Poland sent me a photo. He found a simular building the copy was made of in the town he lived in and posed in front of it for the project.

Thank You - note

Whenever someone sent in a contribution he received back this card. That way the artist knows that the contribution arrived safely.

Araayi Lazzlo - Hungary

Contribution from Araayi Lazzlo in Hungary. He made a collage out of it

Emillio Morandi - Italy

Contribution from Emillio Morandi, Ponte Nossa, Italy. During this project I went to Italy in 1985 and took the collection with me for an exhibition in his gallery. Also met with lots of other Italian mail-artists during the week I stayed in Nothern Italy.

Anonymous contribution

Anonymous contribution to the project. Slightly burned, but still intact. Even in 2006, over 22 years after it was sent in.

Steffen Jacob - DDR

Contribution from Steffen Jacob, former East-Germany.

John Hadman - France

Contribution from John Hadman, France

Cesar Olhagaray - DDR

Contribution from Cesar Olhagaray, former East-Germany.

The backside of the papers that were sent out. The size of the papers was European DIN A5.

Start of this new BLOG

This "TAM was here" is a new start in the documentation of my mail-art activities. It is one of my earliest mail-art projects which I will share with you in these digital ages. When he project was done (1983-1986), the computer was not that common for most mail-artist, let alone that there was the WWW for artists. The new generation of mail-artists can have a look at history in this blog......